Hey, guys! Today, I’m gonna be going over 5 different things that YOU should be doing to always look your best. And the best part? They’re absolutely free!

  1. The first thing on the list applies when you’re wearing a button-down shirt with no jacket: roll up your sleeves! Now, this may seem oversimplified, but I don’t just mean roll them all the way up. Roll them up one cuff-length bPerry Ellis | Rolled Sleeve Linen Button Down Shirt | HauteLookelow the elbow. And, when doing so, fold your sleeves by the cuff. Don’t just roll them up into a ball. If you do, it’ll wrinkle your sleeves and when it comes time to let them down, you’ll have stretched out, wrinkly sleeves.
  2. Next, unbutton that second button! We’ve all seen that image of the working man after a long day unbutton his top button and loosen his tie. But if you’re not wearing a tie, unbuttoning the second button will accentuate both your upper body and face. It also gives you a more tapered look, which is more attractive and outstanding.
  3. Try cuffig your pants! Yeah, I know cuffed jeans were a big fad in the 2000’s, but it can still be done tastefully. It really depends on what look you’re going for and what pants you’re wearing. If you’re wearing loose-fitting canvas pants and a low-ankle shoe, this could be the perfect fashion move to give you a more relaxed, casual look.Men Refine the Art of Rolling Up Pants Legs - The New York Times
  4. Military tuck your shirts! If you have a tailored shirt, then you’ve already won this battle. But how many of us have tailored shirts lying around? The diagram below shows how you can flawlessly tuck in your shirt without extra fabric puffing out the sides.


5. The final thing any guy can do to upgrade his style now for free is straight-bar laces. There are so many ways to lace your shoes, but if you’re in a professional or formal setting, there’s only one way to lace your shoes, and that’s straight-bar laces. They display an element of control and style in even the most stringent dress codes and have the cleanest look out of any lacing pattern. Below are two different straight-bar looks, depending on the type of dress show you choose to wear.Straight Bar Shoe Lacing Tutorial | Ties.com

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