How a few key pieces can change your whole look

Yesterday, I went to Marshalls. I was looking for some minimalist, same-colored basics to make several sifferent outfits from. I got a white hoodie, grey sweatpants, and white Reeboks. From there, I found several iconic pieces that I already had in my wardrobe and created a few different looks.

For the first look, I paired the white hoodie with a light denim jacket, white khakis, and my Reeboks. This is a very casual loook but the white khakis and Reeboks, I find, really elevate the look. At first, I never would have imagined that khakis would go with sneakers and a hoodie, but I tried it on and it had such a clean look that I fell in love immediately. This outfit can be worn anywhere a sense of fashion will be appreciated. Parties, social gatherings, even just shopping with your girlfriend.

My second look had more of a business casual vibe, with the classic white polo and a sport coat. I loved the khakis-sneakers look, so I decided to pair it with the polo shirt-sport coat look and came up with this business casual look that stands out not only because it has a strong white theme but also because of the atypical pairing of sneakers and a sport coat. This look can be worn to social business meetings, at a day at the office, coffe date, etc.

The third look is my favorite because of the strong black accents. The black Jordans and leather jacket contrast nicely with the khakis and hoodie. It’s also a bit warmer than the denim jacket and the darker colors allow it to be worn during the colder weather more appropriately.

These three looks have been procured through relatively modest means, with nothing being that expensive or fancy. These are all basic pieces and simple looks, yet still iconic and fashionable.

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