Jeans are. timeless fashion scene that can be spotted everyehere. From construction sites to fashion shows, everyone has, is and will always be wearig jeans. But what shoe best pays tribute to this timeless article?

Today, I’ll be showing you the four best shoes to pair with your favorite jeans. Not only will these shoes make your jeans look better, but your jeans will elevate the aesthetic of your shoes, too.

The first shoe to do your jeans justice is the Air Jordan 1’s. Not only do these shoes have a cult following of their own, but they give your jeans that pefect casual clout look. They really speak for themselves, even when paired with a some classic slim fit jeans.

The Jordan 1’s will go with any jeans, from boot cut to boyfriend. I personally prefer to pair them with a nice some nice slim fit jeans when I can.

The Next shoe to grace the jeans look is the all white Reeboks or Nike Air Max’s. I recently got a pair of all white reeboks from Marshalls for $28 and they have been worth every penny and more.

They are my new favorite shoe to wear out on the town and will be sure to bring a crispy white finish to literally any outfit, from a blue suit to jeans and a sweatshirt. They also have this beautiful look under flash photos so whatever makes it to social media will be sure to shine out.

The next best shoe that goes best with jeans is the classic Air Force 1. They have an iconic look similar to the Jordan 1, but hteir status has been proclaimed from the streets of my home town in Farmingdale to the recording studios of Nelly himself in his song, “Air Force Ones.”

They share similar qualities with the all white Reeboks and Air Max’s in that they have a beautiful glare of white in flash photos and, even when they’ve been worn down, they can still be worn with pride as shoes that last a lifetime.

Lastly, we have the classic Chelsea Boot. This has always been one of my favorite looks when wearing jeans. It has a more elegant, slightly more formal vibe, but a nice pair of jeans will accentuate the lines of the shoe in a very appealing way. Chelsea boots are already versatile, but wearing them with jeans is sure to garner second glances and a boost in confidence.

My favorite Chelsea boots are Thursday Boots, although they’re a bit more expensive. If you’re looking for an affordable pair of sleek boots such as these, you can always find some on If you’re looking for stores or online retailers that offer eaffordable denim to pair with your shoes of choice, check out my other post, here, where I tell you my favorite place to get good-quality denim at an affordable price.


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