We’ve all seen that guy who just exudes wealth. Sometimes he isn’t even wealthy, he simply takes care of himself and follows a few simple steps to look wealthier. People will be naturally drawn toward you more if you have an appearance of wealth, so here they are! 6 ways you can appear wealthier NOW.

The first thing you can do is do your hair! It might take some time, but doing your hair in a way that tells people you care about your image will go a long way. Everyone’s hair is different and 125 Best Haircuts For Men in 2020 (Ultimate Guide)everyone will look different with different hair styles.

But, if you’re looking for the perfect product that will elevate your hair game, check out BluMaan. They have different hair care and styling tools for every different kind of hair and look. They also have free shipping with orders over $50, so you can save money AND look better!

Secondly, a navy blue pin stripe suit can really elevate your look and make you look like you belong on Wall Street making millions. Something about the classic pin stripe look really stands out and gives the impression of wealth. These suits will tell people that you’ve really taken control of your financial future.Roma Blue Pinstripe Suit | Blue pinstripe suit, Pinstripe suit, Blue  striped suit

Suitsupply has great deals on suits that will fit any size and look. They also have pin stripe navy suits for under $400, so you won’t break the bank looking for the perfect suit. They’ll last you a lifetime and fit better than anything you’ll find at the local thrift store.

The last trick you can use to look more wealthy is to go solid with your t shirts. Whether it’s a pocket tee, V-neck or crew neck T shirt, people won’t be able to tell if it’s $10 or $100, and that’s why it all depends on the fit.

I personally have found Polo by Ralph Lauren to have amazing-fitting V-necks, and nothing is more versatile than a nice Black V-neck. The sleeves shouldn’t be too long, and the fit shoudn’t be too large or baggy. Another amazing brand for clean-fitting tees is J.Crew, who have affordable fashionable solid-colored T shirts.Black V-neck T-shirt with White Low Top Sneakers Outfits For Men (5 ideas &  outfits) | Lookastic

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