Almost two years ago, I found my favorite pair of shoes ever. To this day, I cannot find them online or in stores and their origin is still a mystery to me. However, these are the kinds of articles that one can expect to find at Buffalo Exchange. It’s a fashion-forward thrift store that specializes in unique and creative piecs that are sure to last you a lifetime.

These shoes, for instance, were $35 and have lasted me 2 years of regular wear. They have this beautiful Fleur de Lis pattern and the leather is so highh quality I’ve only had to polish them about once every 6 months. If you take care of these shoes, they will take care of you. I’m considering getting them resoled just because I can’t find any shoes like these anywhere on the internet, despite doing etensive searching.

What I find to be especially appealing about these ornate Chukkas is the subtle indigo accents on the counter lining above the heel and below the laces. I would strongly consider getting matching maces to bring that beautiful indigo to life on the upper part of the shoe, drawing attention to the more subtle accents.

I haven’t changed the laces and the soles have been worn down quite a bit since I’ve acquired them, hence my goal to replace them. This was my first Steve Madden piece and will definitely not be my last.

They’ve proven that they can make a high quality leather shoe that is both stylish and reliable. I would have been happy to pay $200+ for these shoes looking back and that’s how their quality has been reflected after almost 2 years of love.

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