My name is David Innes. I’m from a small suburban town in Long Island but have been living in the city for the last few years after visiting regularly throughout my childhood. I’ve been trying to dress my best and seeking out fashion guidance ever since I could dress myself. My whole life, I’ve been going to churches with kids my age, and the typical expectation is that one will dress a bit more formally. This expectation put pressure on us to dress smart, and I wanted to be the best-dressed kid around. So, naturally, I took it upon myself to become just that. Every week since I could remember, I’ve been curating flawless outfits and weaing them with confidence while helping my friends along the way. My family has never been financially affluent either, so I’ve always either relied on hand-me-downs or H&M (once I had a job and could buy my own clothes). Despite my access to only the lowest quality of clothing, my determination to dress well was not dampened and I’ve been pushing myself to look my best regardless of my circumstances.